Welcome to Our Business Applications Wiki!

On this wiki we will collaborate and create content, communicate through our discussion tabs and learn about web creation. Each of you will have your own page to showcase your style and creativity. All of your projects will be posted to your page so that we can share and learn from each other.

I will guide you through the process so that you will learn how to organize your webpage, add images, titles, text, background colors, create links and embed code into your pages. Remember the rules of our wiki and always be respectful to others as we collaborate and create.

Let's get started!


Discussion Questions

You are required to respond to the discussion question I post and to at least one of your peers. I will show you how to post in class.

Discussion 1: Post your answer to me by Tuesday, April 20 and to your peers by Friday, April 23.

Discussion 2: Post your answer to me by Wednesday, April 28 and to your peers by Friday, April 30.

This is the Animoto Mashup using Creative Commons images and music! Check it out!